The evidence is mounting that the left is attempting to incite violence against supporters of the Trump Administration. From doxxing of Trump contributors to regular assaults against the MAGA faithful, many Trump supporters feel as though they are only safe if they conceal their loyalty to the Administration as in some sort of secret society.

Now comes a new film from NBC Universal set for release on September 27 that literally puts targets on the backs of Trump supporters. The Hunt depicts a five-star vacation resort island where wealthy elite liberals hunt for and kill "deplorables." The producers bill it as a "rewarding experience." I'll bet they do.

The premise of the film is sick and literally places the lives of Trump supporters at risk. NBC Universal would ultimately share culpability should some left-wing cellar-dwellers decide to emulate the film.

A recent mass shooting targeting Hispanics in El Paso was blamed by most on the left on Trump's "rhetoric" as he attempts to control illegal immigration at the border. While the claim is distant from reality, there is no doubt a film about killing Trump supporters would in fact be inciteful.

People of all political stripes should reject The Hunt and NBC Universal. Both cross a distinct line that I don't think most rational people wish to cross. Suggesting that Americans with opposing political views be assassinated is simply not the American way, and is shocking even in a culture that long ago lost its moral compass.

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