During his weekly hour on WBSM, New Bedford Mayor Jon Mitchell said Thursday that he is not happy with the way ABC Disposal Service has handled the recycling collections in the city this week.

The mayor said that the company has been placing hundreds of rejection stickers on bins without notifying the city as to why. Mitchell said the contract calls for ABC to inform the city when and why a bin was rejected. He added that the company is not doing that.

While on the air, Mayor Mitchell said the city is looking at the possibility of going with another vendor for trash and recycling collection. He said his preference is to stay with ABC, but if they continue with their current practices, they will have violated their contract with the city.

Following the mayor's appearance, ABC Disposal Service CEO Michael Camara called into the Richard's show to inform listeners that due to China no longer accepting much of the world's recyclables, the cost to his company has increased. Camara said that it's to the point where ABC can no longer afford to operate with what the city of New Bedford currently pays the service.

In regards to Mayor Mitchell's comments on finding another company to collect trash, Camara said that the taxpayers would suffer due to higher cost and a lower level of service.

The ABC Disposal CEO also said that unless the financial situation changes, ABC is prepared to walk away from the relationship with New Bedford at the end of this year. Camara said that he is seeking the court's approval to walk away from the contract with the city. At that point, he added, they would give the city a new price, and it's not agreed upon, the company would move on.

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