Paul Feeney, state director for Bernie Sanders for President campaign, opened a Sanders for President office in New Bedford Saturday morning to a crowd of about 40 enthusiastic Bernie volunteers.

The office at 556 Pleasant Street, near the Union Street intersection, will coordinate everything from knocking on doors and phone calling to outreach, and the all important GOTV efforts across southeastern Massachusetts, ahead of the state's Super Tuesday Presidential Primary coming soon on March 1.

Polling for Clinton and Sanders in the upcoming South Carolina contest has Clinton in a slam dunk 65% to 27% with 7% undecided. The numbers closed up, though, for the Nevada Caucuses that now show Clinton and Sanders in a virtual tie at 45% each with undecided caucus goers holding the answer with 9%.

Here in Massachusetts, the latest polls show Clinton leading Sanders 50% to 44% with 6% undecided. The volunteers who opened the New Bedford office Saturday hope to capitalize on the local undecided voter and convince some Clinton supporters to change over.
Across the nation, I find it unlikely and a "YUGE" uphill battle for Sanders to defeat Clinton, unless the FBI investigations on her alleged Clinton Foundation corruption and emails debaucle change the political landscape for her.
So, today's Question of the Day is: Hillary Clinton is ahead of Bernie Sanders here in the Bay State but after a very strong performance in last week's New Hampshire Primary, do you think Bernie Sanders can edge out Hillary Clinton here on the South Coast? Yes - No?