FALL RIVER — After admitting last week to her role in multiple shootings in Fall River and New Bedford — including a 2019 New Bedford homicide — a Fall River woman has been sentenced to up to six years in state prison.

Ashlee Cambra, 24, pleaded guilty last week to a variety of indictments including accessory to murder, accessory to assault and battery with a firearm, attempted assault, and others, the Bristol County District Attorney's Office said.

Cambra was arrested in connection to a shooting in July 2020 in which her co-defendants Brian Ortiz, Tyrell Woodis-Pina and Giovanni Vale-Valentin allegedly got into an argument at a New Bedford Petromart.

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They allegedly shot and injured two men in the opposing group before Cambra drove them away from the scene, according to the D.A.'s office.

Following the shooting, Cambra lied to police about the time she arrived home in Fall River that evening.

At the same time, investigators looking into a September 2019 shooting in Fall River and a fatal shooting in New Bedford in October 2019 discovered evidence that Cambra assisted the alleged perpetrators in both incidents.

She was re-arrested in March 2021, the D.A.'s office said.

In September 2019, Cambra drove two co-defendants, Kevin Edwards and Mauricio Pineda, near Morgan and Fourth streets in Fall River.

There, the two men allegedly fired a gun multiple times, damaging parked cars, before Cambra drove them away from the scene, eventually taking them to Florida briefly.

In October 2019, Cambra drove the same suspects back down to Florida after a New Bedford shooting that paralyzed one male victim and killed 17-year-old Paul Collazo Ruiz on Ashley Boulevard.

Pineda and Edwards are the suspects in that shooting as well.

All of the cases against Cambra's co-defendants are still pending except for the case involving Tyrell Woodis-Pina, according to the D.A.'s office.

Woodis-Pina was convicted on illegal firearm charges in 2021 and is serving a three to seven year sentence.

Cambra pleaded guilty to indictments charging her with accessory to murder after the fact, accessory to an assault and battery by means of a firearm after the fact, attempted assautl and battery by means of a firearm, carrying an illegal firearm andpossessing a high capacity firearm.


Prosecutors had asked for a sentence of more than nine years in prison, but she was sentenced to serve four to six years.

Following her prison term, she will be placed on probation for another two years.

Conditions of her release will include no contact with known gang members, no contact with any witnesses or co-defendants in any of the cases, providing a DNA sample for a database, and not possessing any drugs or weapons.


“This defendant was an accessory to a series of violent shootings, including a homicide," said District Attorney Thomas Quinn. "The state prison sentence holds her accountable for her role in these senseless incidents."

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