FALL RIVER — Fall River Police detectives arrest a man on gun and drug charges, after finding a shotgun and more than seven pounds of marijuana in his apartment.

On Tuesday, November 28th at approximately 2:30 pm, Fall River Police Department Vice and Intelligence detectives executed a "no-knock" search warrant at 255 Mott Street, third floor, in Fall River.

During the execution of the search warrant, detectives forced their way into the apartment. The target of the search warrant was not home. During the subsequent search, detectives found two safes; one a floor model, the other a wall model. Also found was a single .223 caliber round and an empty box of 9mm ammunition. The target of the search warrant, 26-year-old Joshua Mendonca, was contacted by phone and stated he was on his way home but would not surrender the combinations to the safes.

Detectives were able to gain access to the large wall safe prior to Mr. Mendonca arriving, and found a shotgun, shotgun shells, 9mm cartridges, empty ammunition boxes, a large sum of cash, and over seven pounds of marijuana.

When Mendonca arrived on scene, he was placed under arrest and charged with possession to distribute a Class D drug (marijuana); possession of a shotgun without an F.I.D. card; and possession of ammunition without an F.I.D. card.

--Fall River Police

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