A thrilling sci-fi comedy starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Lawrence, Jonah Hill, and Ariana Grande has officially put Fall River on the map.

This past Tuesday, Netflix released its trailer for the new film Don't Look Up. The movie portrays two astronomers – Kate Dibiasky (Lawrence) and Dr. Randall Mindy (DiCaprio) – who discover a comet that they refer to as a "planet killer" and do everything in their power to get the world to believe them. Unfortunately, nobody is taking them seriously.

If you recall, last year on December 11, fireworks were launched from the stern of the U.S.S. Massachusetts. The pyrotechnics rang throughout the city and little did anyone know at the time that there were some A-List celebs onboard. This shot was recently shown in the latest trailer and can be seen briefly around the 2:03 mark.

The film gives up a zany and predictable Armageddon vibe where once again, a space shuttle is being sent to space to destroy a gigantic comet that's plummeting straight towards Earth. Not exactly original, but my interest is still piqued. I still stand by my original theory that the Fall River scene revolves around some sort of victory. I mean, if this comet is hurtling towards earth, why else would you celebrate in such American fashion?

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Photo Courtesy of K. Garcia Productions
Photo Courtesy of K. Garcia Productions

Either way, we are only about a month away from finding out as the film will be released on Netflix on December 24 for your holiday viewing pleasure. Hollywood East is taking over the SouthCoast and its Fall River's turn to shine.

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