Viva Fall River is throwing out a challenge. The homegrown Fall River organization is looking to crown the best hot dog in the city, and they are doing it with the Fall River Hot Dog Home Run tournament.

Here's the deal. We are being asked to eat 10 hot dogs, then vote for our favorite.

Challenge accepted!

It's a bracket-style competition that kicks off this weekend with 10 hot dog spots in Round 1: JJ’s Coney Island, Bun Buds, Faneek’s Coney Island, Al Mac’s Diner and Nick’s Hot Dogs will go head to head. The second group features Newport Creamery, Chicken Story, Nick’s Jr., Roger’s Coney Island and Graham’s.

Everyone is encouraged to visit the locations and taste all the hot dogs before voting on an online form via the Viva Fall River Instagram and Facebook pages from June 30 to July 6.

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The restaurants with the most votes will advance to Round 2, taking place July 7 to July 13. Round 3 (the finals) will feature the top two spots. Sampling and final voting will run July 14 to July 20.

Voting for the second and third rounds will also be conducted online via the Viva Fall River social media pages.

Fall River's most popular hot dog will be announced on National Hot Dog Day, Sunday, July 21.

Throughout the Fall River Hot Dog Home Run tournament, Viva Fall River invites everyone in the surrounding area to visit all the competing restaurants and enjoy the wide variety of delicious dogs around the city.

Ready to vote after trying all of the hot dogs?  Here is the link to Round 1 voting.

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