It's been an active week for Fairhaven schools and "stay-put" orders as state police and the FBI investigate a rash of hoax threats directed at schools in several communities.

Parents of students at Leroy L. Wood School in Fairhaven received a call from the school's principal Wednesday afternoon. Principal Pamela Pacheco put out an "all-call" shortly after 1 p.m. to inform Wood families of a "stay-put" implemented earlier in the day.

The pre-recorded call from the principal stated:

The Wood School had a brief stay-put. The children were safe, they are safe, and the stay put has been lifted.

Two police cruisers were positioned outside of the school after the order. They were to remain there until after dismissal.

Fairhaven Superintendent Tara Kohler confirmed.

"A call was made to the Fairhaven Police Station similar to the one made yesterday with the high school. Fairhaven High also had a stay-put yesterday and it was found to be a prank or a hoax. The good news is that this week's incidents have helped us test our procedures and make them better."

The Wood School event is one of many similar incidents across the state this week, including one in Fall River on Tuesday morning.  After what turned out to be a false threat was made against Bishop Connolly High School, all Fall River schools were ordered by police to shelter in place.

No threat was found.

"Our officers conducted a search of the property to ensure there was no threat to the building or its occupants,” Fall River Police said. “We have confirmed that there is no threat to the school.”

Fall River schools then returned to normal activities.

Earlier Wednesday, a stay-put order was put into place in Norton after what the superintendent called a "flooding incident" at the high school.

"Police were called, and both the high school and adjacent elementary school were put in a stay-put status. That has now been cleared and all of the students are safe," Superintendent Laurie Czazasty said.

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