There's a relatively new trend that has appeared over the past several years across the SouthCoast.

In Fairhaven, there are consistent complaints from drivers about teens on bikes riding in the middle of the road, circling around vehicles and swearing at drivers.

The teens pictured above are riding on Washington Street in Fairhaven. While they thankfully aren't displaying the aggressive behavior described by police this week, riding in the middle of a busy street like this is problematic.

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Fairhaven Police spokesperson Lt. Kevin Kobza says his department's biggest concern is the safety of the kids.

According to authorities, one of the most frustrating parts of the issue is that when parents are notified about their children's behavior, too many of them blame the police or the drivers. In fact, a Fairhaven Police Facebook post Wednesday morning claims: "Sadly, some parents have said we have no right talking to their children."

Kobza says that the behavior is not happening in just one part of town, and he says it involves kids from Fairhaven and surrounding towns.

What Would Lt. Kobza Say to the Teen Riders?

"I would say to the teens that the town has gone to great expense to provide plenty of spots to ride your bikes safely. There's a skate park in North Fairhaven and there's a very expensive bike path available to them. Honestly, just stop riding in traffic. It's for your own safety."

What Would Kobza Say to Parents Who Blame Others?

"We're looking out for the safety of your child. We're not out targeting them or trying to pick on them. We're trying to prevent them from getting hurt. God forbid you're the operator of a vehicle that strikes a child who gets hurt or killed. That's something that the motorist has to live with for the rest of their life. Finally, when you blame others, you're also teaching your kids that they don't have to be accountable for their own actions."

Here's the town's Facebook post on the matter:

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