Fairhaven Police are warning, it's not just residents that can get scammed, businesses can fall prey to con-artists, too.

Fairhaven Police Sergeant Kevin Kobza says a restaurant in the town was bilked out of a large amount of cash this week. "Somebody posing as a utility employee threatened to turn off their electricity if they did not wire a certain amount of money to them," said Kobza. He says the stress of running a business and the threat of no power forced the owners to comply with demands, "Unfortunately, these people are very smart and very intelligent, they just got nervous and they shelled over the money."

Kobza and Eversource spokesman Mike Durand say Eversource does not threaten customers or ask them to pay with a pre-paid credit card or with a wire service.

Durand says one of the increasingly frequent scams out there involves a discount energy supply company representative pretending to be from Eversource showing up at your door and demanding to see your utility bill. "Do not do that unless you are absolutely sure that you know who you're speaking with and that you want to sign an offer with them," said Durand. "Because once they have your electric account number, that's all they need."

Durand says if a person calls or knocks at your door claiming to be from Eversource demanding to see your electricity bill, simply call the number listed on your bill to check with Eversource or call the police before you fall victim to fraud.

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