I took a poll asking only men at WBSM and Fun 107 if they'd be open to the idea of having a line of clothing and accessories for guys based on the successful Garanimals clothing brand for kids that mixes and matches the colors, stripes and designs perfectly.

Digital Managing Editor Phil Devitt agreed there are some days he has qualms with what to wear. A lot of men do.

"The less work I have to do, the better, so I'm completely onboard," he quipped.

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Fun 107's Gazelle split it up.

"I only dress to impress on weekends," he said. "During the work week, I wear a lot of the same clothes, like this black tee I've worn for the last six years, in hopes that moths don't get to it."

Like Devitt, Gazelle values saving time in the morning.

"Yeah, I'd be a fan of this clothing line because it's easy," he said. "My goal is to make as many things simple and quick, so I'm in."

For a lot of men, choosing what to wear boils down to doing a task you're not crazy about, but you do it anyway, because you have to do it.

Production Director Jason Kent has excellent taste when it comes to mixing and matching dashing colors, but says he learned the hard way by watching his dad. He was a golfer for a long time, and if you know anything about golf clothes, they're very vibrant – so if you're not careful, you can put colors together that don't look good.

"Bright greens and reds don't often match," Kent said. "I grew up watching people poke fun, good naturedly of course, at my dad for his dubious taste in colors and clothes."

If you're familiar with Garanimals, only sold at Walmart, the tags are actually color-coded with six animals that you pair up so you can easily put outfits together. Of course, all this would still be in a grown-up application. You can name the brand something like Bad Boy Clothing or Threads and Treads.

Kent said it was his late mother who jokingly thought up the idea for adults.

"If my poor dad would have just gotten over his fear of wild animals, he could have looked great!" he said.

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