It's been a long wait for the people of Fairhaven, but they will finally have their own Domino's Pizza location.

Fairhaven has been quietly eyed for a Domino's for over a decade, but for one reason or another, it has just never come to fruition.

That will now change.

Domino's Fairhaven will soon be located at the site of the former site of Fairhaven Smoke Shop, according to building owner David Vermette. This will put Domino's two doors down from Fairhaven's Papa Gino's location, which has been on Route 6 for decades.

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There had been conversation a while back about putting a Domino's in the former Papa John's location on Alden Road, but Tropical Smoothie Cafe scooped it up. The abandoned Dunkin' location is arguably Fairhaven's most eligible retail spot, particularly for its corner lot. However, it continues to sit inactive. The empty Dunkin' was eyed as a Domino's, but the lease would have been too expensive to make it feasible.

This will not be the first time a fast-food restaurant will be located in the Vermette building. You may remember a Blimpie sub shop was located there prior to the smoke shop. In fact, the drive-through window and ordering speaker is still there.

Watch for Domino's to implement a drive-through similar to the one on Kempton Street.

Vermette says a number of businesses were interested in signing a lease for the space, but he chose to go with Domino's because it was a national brand willing to sign a very long-term lease, which began on Nov. 1.

Repeated attempts to connect with the new Domino's franchisee were unsuccessful. There is no word yet on a target date for the Fairhaven Domino's opening.

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