June is nationally-recognized as Pride Month, and some folks in Fairhaven are celebrating by painting the streets rainbow.

Okay, maybe they're not painting, per se, but they're certainly using their artistic skills to spread the love.

Right between Fairhaven Town Hall and the Millicent Library on Center Street, the crosswalk that used to just be a two straight, white lines is now pink, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple. Each chunk of vibrant color has been shaded in with chalk. By who? That's a big question that no one seems to know.

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Kari / Townsquare Media
Kari / Townsquare Media

Interim town administrator Wendy Graves said she doesn't know who created the colorful crosswalk, but she has a hunch that it's more than just one person.

The rest of the block is just as festive, celebrating Pride Month with rainbow flags of all shapes and sizes. The rainbow flag flies directly below the American flag outside the library, tiny flags are staked in the dirt in front of the First Congregational Church, and Howe Allen Realty flies a redesigned Pride flag aimed at including LGBTQ+ people of color and the transgender community.

While it's not necessarily uncommon to see Pride flags or other colorful shows of support throughout the SouthCoast, especially during the month of June, the surprise element of the rainbow crosswalk and the anonymity of its artist(s) seems to have caught the Fairhaven by surprise... in the best way possible.

The Center Street walkway is reminiscent of other crosswalks, like those in Seattle's Capitol Hill neighborhood, that were permanently painted rainbow in 2015.

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