John Methia and his wife Cheryl call it their "estate" car – a car they take to poke around at SouthCoast yard sales on the weekends.

Methia picked up the 1979 Chrysler Town and Country station wagon about two years ago. He almost fell over when he was told the price. The owner only wanted $1,700 for the vintage car. It was his grandfather's car and he had just bought a new Honda Accord. He just wanted to get rid of it.

"Right now in the collectible market, any wooden panel station wagons are starting to get hot," Methia said. "Those 1980 Jeep Wagoneers are on fire. No one can touch them."

The Methias enjoy their cars. They have a vintage Mercedes, a vintage Lincoln and a vintage Volkswagen bug, but it's the wagon that gets them the most compliments.

"It's not unusual for people to be taking pictures of it on 195 when we're cruising around in it," Methia said.

Methia said he lists his wagon with some casting agencies and ended up getting a call today from the production company that is making the new Ben Affleck movie The Tender Bar in Boston. The movie is being directed by George Clooney.

Methia agreed to do it, then asked if the car was going to be used in a traffic scene, or if it would be prominently featured in the film.

"It's going to be a hero car," the agent told Methia. "George Clooney handpicked the car."

Methia said he's being paid $600 for use of the car and $200 for the two back-to-back COVID tests he needs to take before heading up to the shoot on Thursday.

Next time you see the wagon out on the streets in Fairhaven, snap a picture.

"The cah is a stah!" joked Methia.

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