After a few years of relatively mild winters, we are on the precipice of a full-on bomb cyclone that is likely to drape the SouthCoast in a couple of feet of snow. Though the area is no stranger to getting walloped by a winter storm, it can still cause a big disruption to the public transportation system that so many in the region rely on in their day-to-day lives.

One issue few people consider is the snowfall that covers the bus stops. The snow can create a particularly dangerous situation for people with disabilities who need a wheelchair or other apparatus for mobility and cannot access the stop, which could force them to wait for their bus in the street.

As chairperson of the Commission on Disability in Fairhaven, this is an issue that I and the rest of the membership have heard from many of the residents in town who are living with a disability and need to use public transportation. Thankfully, due to the tireless efforts of our Vice Chair Pamela Whynot, the Fairhaven Commission on Disability is launching the "Adopt a Stop" initiative.

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Whynot has spent months fastidiously crafting a list of nearly every frequented bus stop in the Town of Fairhaven in the hopes that, when it is safe to do so, volunteers will "adopt a stop" near them and clear the snow out so that residents in town can wait for the bus comfortably and safely.

You can find Whynot's list of bus stops that will be in need for clearing here: Adopt-A-Stop - Fairhaven COD

If you'd like to reach out to Whynot directly you can at

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