FAIRHAVEN - The owner's of EJ's Restaurant, Bar, and Grill are taking full responsibility for an out-of-control party at the restaurant in July.

The Fairhaven Board of Selectmen held a hearing at Wednesday night's meeting, where the owners of EJ's gave up their common victualer license, which allows them to serve food and beverages to the public. EJ's faced violations of serving alcohol to minors, smoking marijuana on the premises, and exceeding capacity.

Board of Selectmen Chairman Charlie Murphy says he feels it was the right choice.

"It was the right decision," said Murphy. "It was a very tough decision and it was a very stern decision. But it was the right decision."

Multiple police departments responded to the party on July 9, where Fairhaven Police say over 400 people were in the restaurant's function hall, which can legally hold up to 160 people. Police observed minors drinking alcohol and other people smoking marijuana inside the hall.

Murphy says the owners took full responsibility for the incident.

"Unfortunately, they were not there at the time. This probably would not have happened if they were. But they admitted to the violations."

EJ's Restaurant has been closed for "restructuring" since May, but the event hall remains available to rent.

EJ's must now appear before the Board of Selectmen before hosting any private functions.

Murphy tells WBSM News that Fairhaven businessman Drew Tillet will be taking over the lease on EJ's on November 1, and re-branding the business as Cleary's Pub. When the transfer is made official, Murphy says the common victualer license will be reinstated and the liquor license will also be transferred to Tillet.


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