One City Councilor is looking for ways to increase voter interest and turnout in New Bedford elections.

Ward Three Councilor Hugh Dunn wants to see voter registration forms placed in public buildings to encourage eligible residents to sign up.

Dunn says the Council's Committee on Ordinances will review the proposal on May 15th. "I don't think its a silver bullet," said Dunn. " Its a tool that the city can use to encourage a voting culture. Any additional voters that this brings in, is worth it."

Dunn says the proposal was co-sponsored by Councilors Abreu, Giesta, Gomes and Lima.

He tells WBSM News, higher voter turnouts could mean potential benefits for the city. "Areas where people vote more get more attention, especially on a statewide basis. I'd like to see New Bedford known as a city with a strong voting culture, a city that let's elected leaders know that as a community, we really value voting," said Dunn

Dunn would like to see voter registration forms in schools, libraries and community centers. He adds, "our democracy, from the municipal to the federal level, better serves the needs and aspirations of our residents when their voices are heard through the election process."

The City of Boston has already passed a similar ordinance.

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