You'll be seeing a lot of the color purple over the next month in support of domestic violence victims. October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month, and the Women's Center in New Bedford is leading the charge to raise awareness and help victims of this horrible crime.

Women's Center Director Pamela McCloud Lima said this week the problem isn't going away. A national organization reports there are 10 million cases of domestic violence each year in the United States, but according to Lima, that's only the number of cases that are reported. Lima said there are probably millions more incidents that are never reported.

Speaking this week on Townsquare Sunday, Lima said while the usual outdoor marches and indoor vigils will be curtailed this month because of the threat of COVID-19, the Women's Center will still be spreading its message of hope and safety on its website, cable TV, radio and social media.

Lima said all of us can do something to curb the tide of domestic violence. She urged everyone to talk about it, not only in October but all year round. Lima also suggested keeping our eyes open. If a friend seems withdrawn or bruises appear that you've never seen before, speak up and call the police or Women's Center for help.

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