Los Angeles Clippers interim CEO Richard Parsons testified Tuesday  that the team's coach, Doc Rivers, told him he will quit if Donald Sterling remains the owner. Parsons said of Rivers, who's African-American, "Doc is troubled by this maybe more so than anybody else."

The NBA banned Sterling from the league and said that he has to sell the Clippers after an audiotape surfaced on which he was heard making racist comments. Parsons also said that he's worried that key players, including team captain Chris Paul, could also leave if Sterling is still the owner when the season begins.

Parsons was testifying at the trial to determine whether Sterling's wife can legally sell the team to former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer for $2 billion. Sterling is fighting to hold on to the team, and later yesterday he filed a  new lawsuit against his wife, the NBA and Commissioner Adam Silver that alleges fraud, breach of contract, unfair business practices and infliction of emotional distress.