Dighton's Fire Chief went before a judge on Tuesday over allegations that he used town money to buy women's clothing.

ABC6 says they obtained court documents which show how the Town Accountant noticed irregularities with multiple invoices filed by Fire Chief Antone Roderick Jr. from September of last year.

A State Police investigation determined that invoices were altered to get rid of the word "women's" in certain item names such as a Nike "space" men's pro haze which was actually an order for Nike Women's Pro Haze Capri pants.

Although Roderick admitted to altering that invoice, he initially told police he "did not recall" whiting out the "women's" description on three others.

Roderick even tried on the clothing for investigators while insisting it was all for him.
Investigators also questioned Roderick's girlfriend who denied knowing about three of the items, but eventually said that Roderick gave her the Capri pants.

Dighton firefighters are given a uniform allowance to buy clothes and Roderick maintains that the clothes were purchased for his use.

Roderick is being charged with larceny, intimidation of a witness and two counts of public employee standards violation and could face significant jail time if convicted.

The Dighton Board of Selectmen will discuss the issue during a special meeting on Wednesday.

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