After the cringing, awkward several hours of the televised hearing in the House Judiciary Committee chambers, it was clear that Robert Mueller, the Special Prosecutor for Russian interference, a man who was once Director of the FBI, did not know about a lot of important content in the so-called Mueller Report.

The Democratic members are thriving on the fact that the report said they could not fully exonerate the president. Well, so what? It is not the job of the (any) prosecutor to prove him innocent. One is presumed innocent in this country. The prosecutor is to prove beyond a doubt the guilt of the subject of his or her investigation. Otherwise, they are found not guilty.

Over 45 investigators and prosecutors scoured the planet for nearly two years, and this was the fruit of the investigation: no collusion and insufficient evidence of obstruction. Keep in mind, 19 of the lead investigators (all attorneys) had direct political or personal relationships with Trump’s 2016 opponent, Hillary Rodham Clinton.

As Representative John Ratcliffe (R-Texas) pointed out when embarrassing Mueller, Donald Trump would be the only American in history where the Justice Department put the burden of proof of innocence on the accused.

Plenty of Trump haters are A-OK with this, but it is in truth a heresy and a disgrace in American law.

I read a funny meme earlier today which had a photo of Robert Mueller speaking and his words, injected in satire, read, “We recognize that the subject is not guilty of stealing any horses, but we do find him guilty of not wanting to be hanged for it.”

It’s hard to explain it any better than that.

Mueller did not know a disturbing percentage of the content in his own Report on the Investigation into Russian Interference in the 2016 Presidential Election.

He wasn’t even prepared to answer the various questions his team knew would have been asked by the House Judiciary Panel. Frankly, he looked long in the tooth, tired, frail, insecure, and like a man incapable of presenting support for the report’s findings.

Somehow, the Democrats see this as an opportunity to invest in more impeachment efforts.

It’s kind of like watching a base runner blow past the third base coach, who is clearly telling him to stay put at third, because the shortstop has the ball in the infield grass.

I do think Trump looked into ways to stop the witch hunt. There is no law against him asking his legal team if he can do X, Y or Z to stop what he saw as a sham investigation against him. You can be butthurt about the fact that he did at least that but, in reality, he didn’t actually do X, Y or Z.

I think Trump didn’t handle it publicly as well as I would have preferred, but for him, that is the case in almost everything he handles. He shoots from the hip based on his confidence in his instincts and his ability to get the gist of situations. Sure, he really should know the specifics more often before he tweets or speaks publicly, but he is what he is.

That’s not impeachable.

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