Soon to be former Special Counsel Robert Mueller has been successful at getting it his way for a long time and he probably still will. He has one final demand.

Robert Mueller is desperate to avoid one thing. The former prosecutor and head of the FBI wants to avoid testifying under oath in front of Congress. He doesn't want to answer the questions of the people who have been elected by the people. He is a lifelong government employee and he knows the perils of congressional hearings.

At his press conference today, he refused to take or answer any questions from the media. He wants to tell his story on his terms and the rest us will just have to sit and listen to him. This is an amazing new standard in America.

How can the man who investigated the president for possible treason not answer a single question about his work product? And how can the media let him get away with not answering their questions?

This shouldn't be a partisan issue, either. There are legitimate questions for Mueller about his investigation and findings. Republicans and Democrats have issues they want to explore and they have the right to explore them.

Congress should ask Robert Mueller to testify under oath. If he refuses, they should compel him to testify.

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