Elizabeth Warren continues to whine that she is being bullied by President Trump. No wonder some Democrat operatives are beginning to raise questions about whether she has what it takes to represent the party in 2020.

Trump last week offered to donate a million dollars to a charity of Warren's choosing if she would agree to a DNA test to back up her claim that she is part Cherokee Indian. Of course, Warren declined, telling reporters that Trump "tries to bully me in order to shut me up."

The Hill.com says Warren has a growing problem with "many Democrats" who don't think she can go toe to toe with Trump. The publication quotes one Democrat strategist with campaign experience as saying, "I just can't see a blue-collar, Rust Belt guy voting for her. I think the party needs to be realistic about that."

Not only does Warren have credibility problems on the issues, she's an open border liberal who voted against the Trump tax cut. But the question of whether she faked minority status in order to take an advantage away from a more deserving candidate continues to raise questions about her honesty, questions she has yet to satisfactorily address.

As for toughness, if Warren thinks this ribbing about her ancestry is "bullying," she should review some tapes of the Trump campaign against Hillary Clinton to see if she really has the stomach for what could lay ahead.

Elizabeth Warren is an empty suit that has done precious little for the folks she has been elected to represent. Her unexplained appeal is pretty much limited to Massachusetts liberals, and would not play well on a national stage. She would be over her head in a race against someone as media savvy as Trump.

The best way, however, to assure that Warren does not win the nomination in 2020 is to defeat her re-election bid here at home this fall. That would be so nice.

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