As the Democrats put forth the front runners only in a crowded field of candidates tonight, much of what we will see tonight will apparently be about who can give you the most free stuff.

Free healthcare, free college, free and unfettered access to the United States with no consequences for breaking the immigration laws. Free time off with pay. Free universal daycare. Free Obama phones are probably still on the table. Let's not forget rising lunatic liberal star New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's "guaranteed minimum salary" even for those unable or "unwilling" to work!

You remember those 1980s commercials out of New York? "Our prices are insa-a-a-a-ane!!" was once the slogan for the Crazy Eddie's Greater New York store chain, screamed into the microphone over 7,500 times by famed NYC disc jockey Jerry Carroll.

In fact here is a preview to tonight's debate:

Start blushing, Eddie. While your criminal enterprise was inarguably low-priced electronic stuff, these candidates got you beat. F-R-E-E.

Well, free if you don't want to think beyond the carrot that they're dangling in front of you.

One thing about college tuition is when the government gets involved, prices skyrocket. Sure, the rich can fork over the money for the schools. They don't seem to complain loud enough, at least in conversations I've observed.

Where do the lowest income students get a lot of funding from? The United States taxpayers. Hey, I'm not whining, I'm always up for a hand up and not a handout, as they say, but here is where you need to pay attention: when these schools see that the rich will always be able to pay and the government will also have to subsidize by law now the education for those with lower income, they know they can keep charging more. And they do!

The people who are screwed (again) are the middle class. The working stiffs. For this group, college becomes more and more unobtainable.

Please also note how many Democratic lawmakers swing from the legislative vine and nail a perfect landing right onto the desks of college positions. The first one I noticed was the unindicted accomplice to Boston gangster James  Whitey Bulger: his brother, former Massachusetts State Senator William Bulger (D-South Boston).

After years of dominating Beacon Hill, Billy decided he would not be a lawmaker any more and that he would take the reigns of the University of Massachusetts as president. He was paid $309,000 a year for it, plus his pension then skyrocketed to $196,000 back in 2006 to whatever it is now.

That neat trick was not lost on Congressmen like Massachusetts Representative Marty Meehan, who broke term limit promises until he saw the golden parachute. Meehan now enjoys a $614,400 salary (what a taxpayer-funded pension that will be) as current UMass President.

Locally, former mayors of New Bedford and Fall River have gone "airborne" finding their own landing pads at UMass Dartmouth and Bristol Community College.

It's not just politicians cashing in and laughing up their sleeve. Others such as UMass Medical School Chancellor and Senior Vice-President of Health Sciences Michael Collins brought home $1.04 million as a Massachusetts state employee. Terrence Flotte, Dean of UMass Medical School, raked in a paltry $850,000 last year, all according to the state comptroller data.

Elizabeth Warren, who enjoyed a salary north of $410,000 at Harvard, knows damn well the effect of having the government pay the tab for some even in private schools. In fact, it's increasingly tougher to tell the difference between educators and defense contractor executives these days.

What becomes of private schools? Do they all somehow transform to government employees whose pensions will also be on the backs of the taxpayers in this scenario?

Free is never free. Only a damn fool believes that. The irony here is that those who will be most adversely affected by these irresponsible bribes are those that these Democrats will be appealing to tonight–the young and impressionable.

While the media whistles past the graveyard of the socialist catastrophe in Venezuela, where civilization itself is collapsing, they will be only too happy to assist in the propaganda which will be offered tonight.

An absolute fake altruistic cast of characters will go on stage tonight in a–wait for it–true free-for-all.

Ken Pittman is the host of The Ken Pittman Show on 1420 WBSM New Bedford. He can be heard Saturdays from 9 a.m. to noon. Contact him at and follow him on Twitter @RadioKenPittman. The opinions expressed in this commentary are solely those of the author. 

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