Downtown New Bedford is alive with the Christmas Spirit, welcoming shoppers to a world of colored lights and pretty decorations. In addition to a fun holiday flash mob on AHA night, the Deck the Windows event features downtown retail stores, restaurants, even vacant storefront windows as the backdrop for local businesses and government organizations to show off their window masterpieces. In this friendly competition, the public was invited to stroll by and vote for their favorite decorated windows. Residents will have until the New Year to view the masterpieces!

There were various categories in this New Bedford Cultural Council contest. The winners included:

  • Best Municipal Masterpiece - N.B. School Committee
  • Best Holiday Spirit - N.B. Whaling Museum
  • Best N.B. Theme - Freestone's
  • Best Overall: SMEC/SAIL
  • Kid's Choice: St. Anne's Credit Union AND St. John's-St. James School 8th grade artists
  • City Council's Choice N.B. Police Dept. - Scott Carola and AJ Farland.