President Trump has little to be concerned with if the Democrats continue on the path they have started. Their issues don't pull the voters away from Trump.

For two nights, the candidates for the Democratic Party's nomination for the presidency showed themselves to the voters. There are some clear frontrunners in the pack, but there are also lots of unknowns on the stage, too. There was a woman described as an author, but I've never heard of her on the debate stage. However, Massachusetts Congressman Seth Moulton, a Marine Corps officer with four combat tours under his belt and a couple of Harvard degrees, was excluded by the rules of the Democrat National Committee.

Mayor Pete Buttigieg had to admit he has failed as a mayor when it comes to the police killing black people in his city. His claim to fame is being a mayor along with a combat veteran and a married gay man. It is tough to win if you are viewed as being unable to manage your own police department. He said "I couldn't get it done" in my job–now elect me president!

Senator Kamala Harris reminded the voters that former Vice President Joe Biden is a supporter of segregations. She is the only black female candidate in the race. If Biden is the nominee, how does she walk those comments back?

All of the candidates are in favor of free health care for illegal aliens.

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