FAIRHAVEN — Fairhaven Police are investigating after a dead body was found in the water at Moby Dick Marina on Monday night.

The body was found by two members of the marina, Glenn Clark and another man who only wanted to identify as Eduardo.

Glenn and Eduardo say they found the body at about 6:30 p.m. while walking along the docks. They say they saw a line floating in the water and decided to pull it out. When they felt heavy resistance while pulling the line, the two say they were eventually met by the body’s feet and legs at the surface.

“It was on a line in the water. It was a floating line in the water between two boats,” said Clark. “So we saw the line between the two boats and we pulled it up and then we’re like, ‘well, it’s heavy,’ and then when we pulled it up and got it to the surface there’s sneakers and then we see legs, and we were like, ‘that’s a person.’”

Clark and Eduardo say they both know the deceased man they pulled from the water. Eduardo says the man had become an acquaintance of his over the past year when he joined friends on fishing trips.

“I know the guy. I cannot believe he’s gone. It’s sad. I’m still in shock. I saw him yesterday. He said hello to me yesterday,” Eduardo said.  “I know him through a bunch of friends here, I don’t know him well. I’ve seen him fishing here for a couple of years with a friend and this year he’s been fishing with my friends.”

The body was found on the port side of the motorboat “Dream On”, and was submerged to the bottom according to Eduardo and Clark.  Eduardo says the boat is owned by a mutual friend who had allowed the man to use it.

“That’s his friend’s boat he’s been using,” Eduardo explained. “We looked at the boat and his glasses are still there, his headphones are there, his beer is there. He never leaves his boat like that.”

While the name of the deceased has not been released, it has been found that he is from Dedham, Massachusetts. Authorities remain on scene and are investigating the area where the body was found.

“We kind of blanked out then because we got it kind of close to the surface and we let it go when we saw the sneakers and legs," said Clark. "We just saw sneakers and legs and that just floored me. I just went blank, dropped it and dialed 911.”

Tim Dunn/Townsquare Media.
Tim Dunn/Townsquare Media.

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