NEW BEDFORD - David Taber, the man accused of assaulting his 88-year-old father in Acushnet and later ramming a cruiser in an attempt to evade police, has been found dangerous.

A New Bedford District Court Judge ordered Taber, 66, to be held without bail for up to 120 days. In 1993, Taber entered Acushnet's Ford Middle School and shot and killed Carole Day, a school nurse. He was found not guilty by reason of insanity, and was released from Bridgewater State Hospital in 2015.

If you want to kill me, go ahead and do it.

Bristol County District Attorney personally handled the dangerousness hearing, saying he felt an obligation to do so. "I felt it was appropriate to come down and handle the case. I'm familiar with the background," Quinn said. "This is one of the most serious cases in Bristol County history," he added, referring to Day's murder.

Taber's father testified in the hearing, saying he feared for his life May 23 as he was beat up by his son, telling him "I'm 88 years old. If you want to kill me, go ahead and do it."

Quinn says the case is especially sensitive due to the father-son relationship.

"It's unpleasant. It's not easy. I sympathize with him [Alton Taber]," said Quinn, speaking of the elder Taber's difficulty testifying against his son. "It is his son and he should love him and be concerned for him. This [the case] is business. And it's serious business for his safety, the community's safety, and the police's safety."

Taber was arrested May 24 after he rammed a police cruiser following an attempted traffic stop near his home on Lake Street in Acushnet.

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