The cost of renovating the Dartmouth Police Station on Russells Mills Road has risen to $8.4 million. When the project was announced back in July, the estimated cost stood at $7.3 million.

The Police Station was closed more than a year ago because of bacteria problems. The Police Department is currently housed in a modular building located nearby.

Selectboard Chairman Shawn McDonald says he still supports the project, even at the higher price. "We can't have the Police Department in modular buildings much longer. I don't think anyone would want to work in them," McDonald said. "The town needs to take care of the Police Station building and do something with it," he added.

Why has the project increased by a million dollars? Financal officials have recommended adding funds for a training and exercise area that will be built at the rear of a new five-car garage that was part of the original project. Officials also say recent construction bids put out by the town have come back higher than expected and the town should plan for that.

The Police Station plan goes before the October 20th Town Meeting in Dartmouth.

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