DARTMOUTH — As state legislators and the Cannabis Control Commission continue to sort out how to govern the newly legalized recreational and medical marijuana industry, the Town of Dartmouth is inching closer to opening up a dispensary in town.

The Dartmouth Board of Selectmen convened on Monday night, and in a 4-1 vote approved a host agreement between the town and non-profit medical marijuana company Elevated Access. The company still must go through the state permitting process, according to Selectman Greg Barnes.

Barnes also says that the signing of the host agreement does not guarantee Elevated Access will call Dartmouth home.

“They have to go through an extensive permitting process at the state level. Just because we've signed a host agreement doesn't mean they'll actually come. We had previously signed another host agreement and the applicant ultimately pulled out,” Barnes explained. “This is an entity that approached us and we negotiated this host agreement. Their plan is to go through the state permitting process in order to become a licensed facility here in town on Faunce Corner Road.”

Selectwoman Kelli Martin-Taglianetti provided the “No” vote to the host agreement, and voted against the previous host agreement as well. She says that she's had a problem with the proposed agreement since the first day it came to the board.

"When this first came to the board for approval I had a problem with it because I think society today is extremely irresponsible. As I stated in the last meeting that we had regarding this, I am out running on the road and I'm probably getting high every time because nine of out every 10 cars smells like pot," Taglianetti argued. "I just think with the way society is handling this situation I don't think it's a good idea for Dartmouth."

With the host agreement signed, Elevated Access and the Town of Dartmouth must wait to take further action pending the results of the state permitting process.


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