Faunce Corner Road

'Cod Cape' Sign on Faunce Corner Road
The Dartmouth Police Department posted this really funny picture of the sign that's over at Faunce Corner Road. I think someone was eating a Milky Way when making it.
"What do you see wrong with this sign on Faunce Corner Road? Maybe if you drive in reverse, you will get there (NOT…
Traffic Changes Sometime Confuse Drivers In Dartmouth
Bristol County Sheriff Tom Hodgson is urging motorist approaching the bridge repair project on Faunce Corner Road in Dartmouth to do so with caution.
Hodgson tells WBSM News, the constantly changing traffic patterns are creating congestion and confusion, often leading to fender benders...
Dartmouth Man Injured In Early Morning Crash
A 43 year old Dartmouth man has been hospitalized following a crash early Saturday in North Dartmouth.
Dartmouth Police responded to a single car crash just after 5am, near 980 Faunce Corner Road, north of Flag Swamp Road.
The operator told police he swerved to avoid a deer and crashed into a tree...

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