This is the story of a New Bedford man who not only loved his job, but brings a smile to everyone he meets.

Chris Medeiros is a 32 year-old man with Autism. For the last seven years, he has been employed by the Dartmouth Dunkin Donuts (823 State Rd) through programs at Community Connections Inc. of Fairhaven and S.E.A.L. of Dartmouth, Massachusetts.

Medeiros works three days a week at Dunkin' and when he's not working, he's highly active within the Southcoast community. His mother, Pam Medeiros, tells Fun 107 that his he has a special love for basketball and sports.

"People call him the Mayor of New Bedford." P. Medeiros says, "He loves basketball and you can always find him down at (Clasky) Common Park (New Bedford) shooting hoops. He plays so much that his ball and shoes are constantly worn down to nothing," she adds.

Medeiros graduated from New Bedford High School in 2005 and still sticks around to show his love for the NBHS sports teams. He enjoys coaching and helps hydrate the teams as a waterboy. When he's not working or helping out the high school, Medeiros is also highly active within the Special Olympics where he plays volleyball, basketball, and softball.

Due to a recent incident at Dunkin Donuts, Medeiros was rudely disrespected and mistreated by a customer. News about this incident spread quickly on social media where people were sharing what had happened in search of the man who was responsible for such a heinous act.

From 8 AM-10 AM on Wednesday, September 27th, 2017, Medeiros was greeted with hugs and handshakes from customers and the community who heard of the terrible episode. Although tips are not allowed at this specific Dunkin Donut's location, for just the two hours that Medeiros worked, he was allowed to accept donations for his hard work.

People from all over the Southcoast, including Carver, the Cape and even Seekonk stopped by to say hello to Medeiros and offer him a dollar or two. Next thing Medeiros knew, he was being handed $20's, $50's and even $100 dollar bills. Dana from Kia of Dartmouth even surprised him with two court-side tickets to see the Boston Celtics.

This was a day Medeiros will never forget and a day where for a couple of hours, the community came together as one to make a random Dunkin Donuts employee's day and succeed they did.

Keep on smiling, Medeiros... Your hard work will forever be noticed.

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