A group of women associated with a Dartmouth church are offering residents of the SouthCoast a way to show support for those suffering in Ukraine.

With the Russian invasion of Ukraine causing many to flee the country and leave everything behind, many are struggling to make ends meet while they are far away from home. Those who did remain behind are seeing their country decimated.

Marianne Mueller, President of the Ladies Guild of St. Julie’s Church in Dartmouth, knew her group had to do something, and they came up with the idea of selling lawn signs that support Ukraine, with all the money raised going directly there to help however it can.

“It’s an idea that occurred to us because we all, during the worst of the pandemic, were seeing yard signs that offered us hope, offered us advice,” Mueller said. “All of the proceeds from those went to organizations to help people who were struggling during that time.”

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The signs are blue and yellow, the colors of the Ukrainian flag, and feature the words “Pray for Peace.”

“We tried to keep it non-denominational,” Mueller said. “Muslims pray, Jews pray, Christians pray, and we think that praying for peace is not a bad idea at this time.”

The signs are $15 and include a stake so that they can be stuck into the ground.

“All of the proceeds are being sent directly to aid the people who are suffering during this crisis,” Mueller said. “Even if this crisis were to end tomorrow, it’s going to take a long time for the country to be rebuilt, for people to be resettled and for people to be re-established.”

Anyone who is interested in purchasing a sign can contact Mueller at msmueller61@comcast.net. They will also be for sale at St. Julie’s Church, located at 494 Slocum Road in Dartmouth, on Saturday, April 23 from 9 a.m. until noon, and Sunday, April 24, from noon until 2 p.m. The signs are also being sold at the Dartmouth Council on Aging.

Currently, the Ladies Guild has ordered 250 signs but Mueller said they “can easily get more.” They are also willing to set up more pick-up dates as necessary.

“There are so many people now who just want to do something, so hopefully this will give them the opportunity to do it,” Mueller said. “We’d love to see them all over the SouthCoast.”

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