Bristol County District Attorney Thomas Quinn says his office continues to place a high priority on locking up people who carry illegal handguns.

Quinn says like his predecessor, Sam Sutter, he wants to see those people taken off the streets.

"We're still going after detention hearings on these people caught with illegal guns, either in their homes or on the street. I think our success rate last year was around 70%, which is good."

But Quinn admits while getting guns off the street sounds great, in many cases its easier said than done. The D-A tells WBSM News, there are still plenty of guns around.

"its easier to buy guns in some of the surrounding states, like New Hampshire and Maine. We've had issues in New Bedford with some crimes where guns have come in from Maine." Quinn added, "it's difficult to stop, but all we can do is do our best to take dangerous people off the street."

Quinn was appointed by Governor Charlie Baker in early 2015. He is running for election this fall.