City Council candidate Michael Janson is going after Council candidate and Chamber employee Ian Abreu, saying he's flip-flopped on the issue of a single tax rate for New Bedford.

A single tax rate would lower taxes for business, while increasing taxes on residential property.

Janson says two years ago, Abreu favored taking steps to lower taxes for businesses, but has changed his tune in 2015. "He's flip-flopped on the issue and he'll pretty much do and say anything to get elected," said Janson.

Interviewed Friday on the Taylor Cormier show, Abreu said in 2013 a casino developer was eyeing New Bedford and Cape Wind was making plans to assemble wind mills in the South End.

He says the city's tax base looked to be getting a major shot in the arm. "All I wanted to explore at that time was whether it would be economically viable in the future (for a single tax rate) if the commercial base were to grow."

Abreau added "our commercial base is nowhere near where it needs to be to begin that dialogue right now, it would be foolish."

Janson and Abreu are both vying for at large seats on the City Council. Election day is Tuesday.