Chamber of Commerce

Chamber Name Change: Who Gives A Rat's...?
Let's be serious. How many Greater New Bedford or New Bedford area residents, give a flying hoot if the local chamber of commerce changes its name? Wow, I can hear a pin drop, or was that two pins! One Standard Times editorial writer thinks the time has come...
Hundreds Of Job Hunters Attend Chamber Job Fair
Hundreds of job-seekers crowded into the Seaport Inn in Fairhaven on Thursday, taking part in the region's annual Job Fair.
There were more than 90 companies represented, including Brittany Global Technology of New Bedford. The South End plant colors fabrics for the U...
Council Candidates Argue Over Tax Issue
City Council candidate Michael Janson is going after Council candidate and Chamber employee Ian Abreu, saying he's flip-flopped on the issue of a single tax rate for New Bedford.
A single tax rate would lower taxes for business, while increasing taxes on residential property...

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