FALL RIVER — As expected, Fall River Mayor Jasiel Correia II has said he will not step down by today's 5 p.m. deadline set last week by the City Council.

The mayor's decision not to step down means the City Council will now be tasked with setting a date for a recall election.

On Wednesday, Correia posted a letter to his social media accounts that he had sent to the City Council, stating "we are in campaign mode" in the posts.

The letter reads as follows:

"Dear City Council,

The decision to resign or not resign is not solely my decision. The answer to this question rests with the people of our City. If it is their will to allow me to continue to serve as Mayor, then I shall continue to serve for as long as I am able. Over the last three years that I have been Mayor, our City has experienced a renaissance of revitalization and progress that is visible throughout our City.

I am proud of the many accomplishments we have achieved; the elimination of the $120 trash fee, strengthening our police and fire departments, providing unprecedented levels of funding for our schools, improving infrastructure, transforming economic development policy and stabilizing our financial position. Our work is not nearly complete and if I am fortunate enough to continue to serve as Mayor, then I will continue our work to strengthen our City and reduce burdens like "Pay As You Throw."

It is because of my strong belief that the choice rests with the people of our City that I ask the public once again to reaffirm their vote for me, Jasiel Correia II.

Best regards,
Jasiel Correia II"

Last week, Correia was given five days by the City Council to resign, as per the recall process. The deadline for Correia to inform the council of his decision was 5 p.m. today.

The City Council must now set a recall election for a Tuesday at least 65 days from December 13, which was the date of the official certification of the signatures needed for the recall petition to move forward. There will be a special meeting of the City Council on January 2 to set that date.

Correia faces a 13-count federal indictment on fraud charges related to his app company, SnoOwl. According to the Herald News, Correia will likely be able to use a portion of his more than $76,768 in campaign funds in the recall election to push for city voters to keep him in office.

Correia is due back in court on February 13.

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