Photo: Thomas Scott from New Bedford Police

Two men, charged in the shooting of a New Bedford narcotics Detective, are being held without bail for dangerousness hearings over the next week.  Thirty-four year old Thomas Scott of Mattapan and 20 year old Nathan Manuel-Jackson of New Bedford were arrested Friday night and charged with firearms violations. 

Photo: Nathan Manuel-Jackson from New Bedford Police

According to police, Detective Jonathan Lagoa was part of a team of detectives attempting to enter a second-floor apartment at 244 Davis St., when shots were fired from the inside.  Det. Lagoa was wearing a protective vest, but was struck three times.  Police called for back-up and after a brief stand-off, people inside the apartment agreed to surrender.  Lagoa was transported to St. Lukes Hospital and then Rhode Island Hospital.  He was released late Saturday and is recovering. 

A dangerousness hearing for Thomas Scott is scheduled for Thursday, the 30th.  Manuel-Jackson will returned to court for his dangerousness hearing on Monday, February 3rd.