Parents, staff members, and students expressed their feelings over the most recent Hastings Middle School 8th grade summer reading list to the Fairhaven School Committee Wednesday night.

Many parents are up in arms over several of the titles from the 24-book collection, saying students are being subjected to innappropriate material such as foul language and extremely detailed sex acts including beastiality.

Parent Sandra Elliot claims she even found a book on the 7th grade list that contained sexual content. She says things certainly have changed since she was a student.

13 year old Hastings Middle School 8th grader Cody DeOliveira read the book "The Perks of Being a Wallflower", which contains a description of two teen boys engaging in sexual activities under the influences of drugs and alcohol. Cody says he found nothing wrong with the book.

Several school committee members defended the reading list, saying parents have the right to choose which books are appropriate for their child.

Parent Michelle Furtado submitted a petition with 190 signatures to the school committee, requesting the summer reading list be released several months ahead of time, so parents can read the books before the students do.

The school committee will review the request and make a decision at a later date.