After it was overwhelmingly clear that the Hispanic population had a huge voice in the 2012 election, the GOP is quickly re-thinking it's view on immigration. House Speaker John Boehner told ABC News that it;s an issue that needs to be resolved, and he is 'confident' that they can agree to a solution.

That's very different than the tone that the GOP had before the election. Even big conservative voices like FOX News' Sean Hannity even said that his thoughts on immigration has 'evolved'.

We've gotta get rid of the immigration issue altogether. It's simple for me to fix it. I think you control the border first, you create a pathway for those people that are here, you don't say you gotta go home. And that is a position that I've evolved on. Because you know what—it just—it's gotta be resolved.

- Sean Hannity

These two tones are far different from the GOP's former stance, which would have seen people not born in this country booted out, even if they were tax paying, law abiding citizens.

[Via Yahoo]

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