So while seemingly every single celebrity male ever born is being called down to the office for groping, grabbing, raping, stuffing disgusting old man tongues down the throats of attractive subordinates or peers, we learn about an epidemic of freaks on Capitol Hill in D.C.

Some $15 million dollars has been paid out to victims or people who say they are victims...I don't know if they are victims, how can I? No names, no records are viewable under the law, and get this, the ones committing sexual assault in Congress do not have to make any payment in the settlements--you do. The law (designed by those who are apt to break it) mandates a special fund from the U.S. Treasury pays out any and all  damages to anyone making a credible complaint. If Congressman Leghumper or Senator Woody locks a door and forcibly rapes his hot, naive little aide on his desk, the taxpayers will pay her 100% of whatever damages are agreed upon and not one dime will come from the pocket of the dishonorable legislator.

barton perv
barton perv 2

Texas Rep Joe Barton, a Republican and also, quite obviously a fat, perverted pig.

Since I usually think the worse of human nature, let me give you this exploitable loophole, if Congressman Leghumper and the plaintiff were to plot a story of an alleged rape or sexual assault of a lesser kind, they can split the settlement in secrecy, richer for the unaccountable stupidity found in the law. You and I will pay for the sins of the guilty.

As for the legitimate plaintiffs to this point? You really aren't much better than the perpetrators. You shutting up for the money allows for these perverts to victimize others to follow in the not so hallowed halls of the perverted congress.

franken perv 2

Senator Al Franken a Democrat and phoney pro-feminist slob

This law needs to end and end now. Democrat, Independents and Republicans all need to unite and promise to vote out any member that doesn't vote to end this crazy loophole for elected legislative deviants who laugh up their sleeves with no fear of consequences or even possibly bilking the taxpayers out of millions.

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