Thom McClatchy/ Getty Images

A U.S. House hearing on the Ebola crisis is underway in Texas. Opening the hearing, Texas Republican Mike McCaul called Ebola a threat to the U.S. homeland. The chairman of the Homeland Security Committee said the crisis is unfolding at an alarming pace in West Africa.

Ebola patient Thomas Duncan died this week in a Dallas hospital. McCaul said states and local hospitals must be prepared to move quickly and act in concert with federal health officials.

Congressman McCaul cited "missteps" in the handling of Duncan's case in Dallas, including the fact that he was sent home by Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital after an initial visit on September 25th.  McCaul also argued that politics must be kept out of the national response to the Ebola crisis.

Mississippi Democrat Bennie Thompson said Duncan's treatment raises serious questions that must be investigated.  (Metro Networks Inc.)