The Dallas Cowboys haven't exactly been a model of consistency, unlike their opponents this week in Foxboro. They have been humiliated by the lowly New York Jets and have looked brilliant the next week against a quality opponent in Philadelphia.

Dak Prescott looks like he is returning to the form that gave Cowboy Nation a reason to dream when he first entered the league. He's careful with the ball, prolific in numbers and can fall back on a decent running game with their premier running back Ezekiel Elliott.

There are times when the Cowboys' defense has looked menacing, and then soon after, meandering.

This game on Sunday has several things on the line. The Patriots and their symbol of America, combined with their two-decade-long stranglehold on the NFL, gives them more reason to declare themselves as "America's Team" and seize the title from the Cowboys, who really haven't been relevant in the postseason since before Drew Bledsoe led the Patriots to the Super Bowl in 1996, 24 years ago.

The game should be fun for pop reasons more than down-the-road expectations. It's Belichick vs. Garrett, Kraft vs. Jones, Brady vs. Prescott.

This game isn't about what the Cowboys can do. We know their ceiling. This is about Brady and the offense finding their rhythm and getting their swagger back in front of the home crowd in Foxboro.

After the 95-yard drive Philly carved through the mostly other-worldly Patriots defense, Belichick took them aside and whatever the pigskin genius said caused them to not allow another point for over two quarters of football.

Look for the Pats' James White to have a monster game and a bigger contribution from tight end Ben Watson.

KEN'S CALL: Patriots 24, Cowboys 18.

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