Request For Recusal
New York, NY ( - The NFL Players Association said Tuesday it has formally asked NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell to recuse himself and allow Tom Brady's appeal to be heard by a neutral arbitrator.
The NFL said last week that Goodell would personally hear Brady'…
Patriots Uptown Funk Parody
With only a few days left before Super Bowl Sunday, it's about time we get some upbeat music and a well made video to help pump us up. This "Uptown Funk" Patriots Parody is EXACTLY what we need to get ready! Matt Sinclair knows what's up!
The lyrics and pictures aren't completely suitable f…
Pats Lose When the Ref Picks Up the Flag
Patriots fans who stayed up last night to watch another Tom Brady magical finish went to bed unsatisfied.  After falling behind with :59 seconds left in the game, Brady marched the Patriots up to the 18 yard line with :03 seconds left on the clock...

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