The latest controversy is being cooked up in Kuma's Corner, a Chicago burger restaurant with heavy metal - themed décor and menu.

The Ghost Burger is named after the Swedish band whose members dress in religious robes and wear skeleton makeup. Talk about giving us our daily bread, this foodie destination is garnishing the sandwich with a red wine reduction sauce and an unconsecrated communion wafer!

Luke Tobias, Kuma's Corner director of operations, said the restaurant never intended to offend anyone, but folks all across the globe are sounding off. Even though the communion wafer is unconsecrated, it still symbolizes the body of Christ and the red wine reduction is supposed to represent the blood of Christ.

I choose to believe an act of treating a holy object in a way that does not show proper respect is irreverent. However, we live in different times where parsley and pickles just don't make that cheeseburger in paradise a divine experience anymore.