Last week, we told you all about how the Comcast data warnings are real and hitting the SouthCoast. Comcast announced that as of January 1, 2021, the 1.2 TB data plan will be rolled out across the remaining Comcast service areas.

Claiming that 1.2 terabytes should be more than enough data for 95 percent of the customer base, only five percent of customers should feel any impact of the data cap. Still, a decision like this does not seem very customer-friendly during a pandemic.

Data warning texts and emails started going out mid-month, informing customers that they’ve reached 75 or even 90 percent of their data usage, my own father is one of them. According to the press release, customers were allowed “one courtesy month within a 12-month period.” The charges would start being applied to a customer’s bill in March of 2021.

With no other option to avoid the extra charges, my parents decided to move to the unlimited data plan with Comcast. The internet has become our source to connect, stay productive, and keep entertained through this whole ordeal. We cannot afford to go without it at this time.

However, according to Boston 25 News, the company has decided to postpone the charges until August of 2021 for Massachusetts residents. While I can admit that I’m happy families just trying to get through this pandemic will not be punished for the next six months, I still believe that a data cap on home internet service right now is disgraceful. I would love to see some competition move to the SouthCoast so Comcast can’t manipulate a global health emergency like this to benefit them.

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