New Bedford's new LED streetlights have taken some getting used to, but they're providing the city with numerous benefits.

Department of Public Infrastructure Commissioner Ron Labelle says the lights are not only saving the city over $600,000 in electrical costs, but they're allowing his DPI electricians to focus on more important jobs than replacing light bulbs. The LED bulbs come with a 10 year warranty, which saves the city maintenance and material costs.

Residents and city councilors had some concerns about the lights not being bright enough when they were installed last fall, but have now seen they are just as effective, if not more, than the previous lights.

"It's a new technology. The light is different and you don't see all that fugitive light like we used to, so it looks dark, but everyone's looking at the light. Look at the ground and it's a much better light," Labelle said.

Councilors agreed that they are happy the issues they wanted addressed, such as brighter lights in areas of major criminal activity, have been responded to by the DPI and that the lights are proving to be a positive investment.

The LEDs can also be adjusted if police or residents request a certain area needs to be brighter.