Can anyone think of a reason why it might be appropriate for the Worcester Public Library to present "Drag Queen Storytime" for young children last Saturday? The taxpayer-funded library boasts that the event was hosted by Poise’N Envy, Miss Gay Worcester 2018.

DRAG QUEEN (excerpted from the Encyclopedia Britannica):

"Drag queen, a man who dresses in women’s clothes and performs before an audience. Drag shows (typically staged in nightclubs and Gay Pride festivals) are largely a subcultural phenomenon."

"By definition, a drag queen is distinct from a cross-dresser (sometimes called a transvestite) because the motivation of dragging is typically not sexual. Although the two are often conflated in popular cultural representation, cross-dressing commonly involves a high degree of secrecy and is associated with sexual or gender-related fetishes."

"The authenticity of femininity is always undermined by a drag queen’s roughness, which often includes a vulgar stage presence and desire to shock. The third aspect of drag is premised on the belief in gender fluidity. Dragging is intended to make this fluidity visible through performance."

Worcester Public Library Facebook Photo

So when is the youth seminar on mixing Bloody Marys?

Can anyone think of a reason why Worcester's pre-school set has a need to learn about sexuality and drag queens at the ripe tender age of four? No, me neither.

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Drag shows are adult entertainment and have no place in the public library—especially in presentations for children. The LGBTQ community has sunk to new lows, and the dim-witted politicians who think this stuff is okay are in serious need of psychiatric help.

This is government-sanctioned indoctrination at its worst. Head Librarian Geoffrey Dickinson should be fired immediately. Worcester Mayor Joseph Petty, a Democrat protege of left-wing Congressman Jim McGovern, should hang his head in shame.

What in hell are we doing to our kids?

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