The Fall River Public Library is hosting a Drag Queen Storytime in order to encourage children to accept this alternative lifestyle choice. What that means, essentially, is that the Fall River taxpayer is helping to foot the bill for this indoctrination session by permitting the use of a public building.

Dragging is not an issue of sexuality or sexual identity. I know this because after a fairly recent Drag Queen Storytime in Worcester, I had one of the queens on my program. This is grown men performing in women's clothing. Entertainment. Adult entertainment. Some opt to wear women's clothing as part of their everyday life. This is a lifestyle choice that is not normal, yet supporters of these types of events are attempting to mainstream it.

The Herald News in Fall River reports, "Drag Queen story hours have become a growing trend in libraries, schools and book stores around the country as a way to promote diversity and teach kids to look beyond gender stereotypes."

What a crock of horse puckies!

Drag Queen Story Hour / Facebook
Drag Queen Story Hour / Facebook

Why should kids be forced to watch a bunch of men parade around in women's clothing? That is not diversity, it's forced indoctrination. This is not an issue of tolerance. It is an issue of promoting a chosen behavior.

The paper further states that the visiting drag queens will read several stories to the children. "Julian is a Mermaid, by Jessica Love, about a boy inspired by exuberantly dressed women he sees on his way home one day, and Red: A Crayon’s Story by Michael Hall, about being true to your inner self, whether you’re a red crayon or a blue crayon," it reported.

The Herald News bills this as a free and "fabulous family event."

Men who dress as women do so because they chose to. Fine. Knock yourselves out. Trying to force acceptance of this behavior on children is reprehensible and for adults to advance this as some sort of diversity issue is twisted.

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