Not that long ago, if a group of men dressed as women was hanging around your school-aged kids, you'd chase them away and immediately begin the lectures on how to run away from strange people. It's a brave new world. And in this world, school districts have begun inviting these cross-dressing men inside to hang with your little ones. You down with this?

Breitbart reports that the Parson Street Primary School in Bristol, England has begun to "bring drag queens into primary schools to condition young children against hate crime." Breitbart says not all parents are happy with Drag Queen Story TIme, which consists of reading books that promote alternative lifestyles to young children.

“Lots of parents at the school are not happy about it but the headmaster says there’s no negotiation. He said if we don’t like it we should take our kids out of school on an unauthorized absence.”


“There are books dotted around the school about sexuality, they learn a lot about LGBTQ+ in school and that’s fine. But I just think it’s gone too far now and the head is using his position of power and influence to push this information on the children.”


                               - parent to the Bristol Post Newspaper

These children are between 4 and 11 years old.

Drag Queen Story Time founder Tom Canham tells The Bristol Post:

“I wholeheartedly believe they should learn about these ideas. When you introduce tolerance at a young age they take it on board. Many of these children will not be LGBT themselves but they will at some point come into contact with someone who is,” 


“We have an opportunity to provide our children with a better world in which to grow up, free from fear of rejection, or abuse, for being who they are – and Drag Queen Story Time is proud to be working with fantastic organisations all across the country to help make that a reality.”

Is it just me or is there something inherently wrong about bringing drag queens to primary school to lecture our four-year-olds? Homosexuality is natural. Cross-dressing is a chosen behavior and it's creepy, especially when the crossdressers are hanging in our public schools.

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